1. He he he!!! I know then it wasn't so comical, but it provided a good laugh this Tuesday morning. Thanks for sharing! Way to go Caroline!!!

  2. This is GREAT! Aw, you're a good mom! And love how God works through our kids. Coming to you from Debi's at Funky Planet. I so enjoyed reading this.

  3. This was soooooo sweet and CUTE!!! Wow. As for those snarly moments I just turn my emotions off when I'm ready for church waiting on my husband and son. They seem to hustle when they see me calmly reading a book while sitting with my purse in my lap. I make eye contact with no one and it works. We are still late but not super late 😉

  4. Did you ever find out why Caroline really put the undies in your purse?? LOL

    I have gotten a lot better about it over the years, but at one point, people were referring to my purse as my "Let's Make A Deal" bag … as in the game show where the host asks for a random object and someone whips it out of their purse. Looking for a screwdriver? There was probably one in my bag somewhere. You name it, if it wasn't in my purse, there was some suitable substitute that would fit the bill. I was great in an emergency. 😉 [#TALU]

  5. This was hysterical.
    It;s Hermione's purse in the last Harry Potter movie, where she pulls a tent out and everything else under the sun.
    Very funny!

    Anyway, thanks for joining up with the TALU!

  6. awesome and cute story about your lil girls! hahaha one is your life saver while the other is your humour provider. what else do you need? its all perfect! cheers to all the beautiful instances in your life! here from TALU!!!!

  7. Oh my! Boy did you ever get lucky on that one! I would check that purse too. You may have some left over food tucked in there too. LOL (TALU)

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