1. I love this!! One thing I like to do, especially when I am all alone at the house is spend the first 5 minutes in worship! I have some go to songs that I like to play. I literally kneel on the floor and sing and that gets me really focused. A little tricky when I'm not alone though hehe!

  2. All great tips…It's important for us to do things that get us focused on the Lord so our quiet times are just "duties" without real fellowship. Gail (BibleLoveNotes.com)

  3. Gail, I'm going to check out your site right now. The name alone makes me want to drop by! 🙂

    Kayla & Christy, I need to try out some music!!

  4. Hi ya! I love these tips! I was in need of a new study technique. Sometimes I get to reading and feel as if I didn't connect to or draw from what I read. I used your study suggestion yesterday! Great tip!

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