Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Have a Quiet Time with God

I'm no expert on the best ways to spend focused time with God.
But I do know what works for me.  
Maybe it will help you if I share.  
Maybe you'll share your quiet time ideas with us in the comment section? 

Focused time with Jesus is the most important thing we do all day.  If we can swap best practice tips on 
sewing, and 
applying makeup, 
then we can also swap tips on what helps us stay in tune with our Savior.

(After reading this post, please notice the disclaimers at the end.*)


How to Have a Quiet Time with God

  • Grab a journal. 
  • Date the page you're on.
  • Now... ask God to reveal Himself to You in this time.
  • Write a prayer.  Writing prayers is especially helpful to me when I'm feeling spiritually dry, disconnected, and unsure where to go. Write a confession of how little you desire God. Or write a praise for the mighty way He's been romancing you lately.  Write honestly.  Recognize your desperate need for Christ.  Acknowledge that He is your hope.  Length, grammar, and spelling don't matter.  
  • Read.  I always have a Bible reading plan in action.  You can pick one here.  Some plans guide you all year, some are for a single week.  Some help you read the entire Bible, some guide you through one book, others through a topic within scripture.
  • Write in your journal as you read.  Transcribe verses that sing to your soul.   Jot short, one line prayers that arise in your heart as you respond to Scripture. Scribble huge questions marks next to ideas that confuse you, or you desire to study in depth later.  Make notes about what you learn.
  • Write a response.  I don't always do this.  Sometimes I run out of time!  Sometimes, I simply pray a response in my head.  But it's a good idea, if the Spirit has stirred something in you, to write it down.  Partially to thank God for His active hand in your life, partially to help you remember all that God impresses upon you.

So that's my method, and for now, I'm sticking to it.
In fact, I've been in a dry spell. Perhaps this post will snap me out of it.

I'm admittedly both a "Journaling Junkie" and a "Blank Book-aholic".  So of COURSE I love this method for quiet times.  I love collecting volumes upon volumes of scribble-full quiet time journals that testify to what a mess I've always been, and the gracious way God has revealed Himself to me anyway over the years.  He redeems so much of what I might have destroyed.

What are your thoughts?
Would this quiet time method work for you?
What helps you grow and stay committed to daily, focused time with God?
Please comment!

*A few disclaimers about "Quiet Times with God":
  1. God is the glue that keeps us attached to God.   (as cited herehereherehere and here.  There are many more verses like these.)  This is not a legalistic approach on how to stay in God's good graces.  This is instead a discussion between believers about how to enjoy God more, confident that He is the One driving our desire to know Him in the first place.
  2. God is with His children constantly, and we should strive to enjoy His presence even during the menial tasks of the day; not only when we have a formal quiet time.  This post is about those times when we stop all else to focus solely on Him.  It is not about the rest of our day, when we can also enjoy His Presence as we work, eat, socialize.


Kayla said...

I love this!! One thing I like to do, especially when I am all alone at the house is spend the first 5 minutes in worship! I have some go to songs that I like to play. I literally kneel on the floor and sing and that gets me really focused. A little tricky when I'm not alone though hehe!

Christy Peffly said...

Love this! Your post is inspiring. I also agree with Kayla about music. That really helps me get focused on the Lord. Love your blog!

Gail Purath said...

All great tips...It's important for us to do things that get us focused on the Lord so our quiet times are just "duties" without real fellowship. Gail (

RACHEL said...

Gail, I'm going to check out your site right now. The name alone makes me want to drop by! :)

Kayla & Christy, I need to try out some music!!

L.O.T. said...

Hi ya! I love these tips! I was in need of a new study technique. Sometimes I get to reading and feel as if I didn't connect to or draw from what I read. I used your study suggestion yesterday! Great tip!

RACHEL said...

Lacy, I know, it really helps to switch things up sometimes. I need to try some new things soon, too!!

Paula Schuck said...

This is good for anyone. Thanks.

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