Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Flashbacks: Sabbath

This Tuesday, I'll be back in Montgomery, speaking to the women's ministry I recently hugged goodbye.  It's humbling to teach anything to women who taught ME so much.

The topic?  RESTING IN CHRIST.  It's funny how God teaches and re-teaches in themes.  "Resting in God" was a salve of truth as we struggled through the adoption wait, and so on February 23, 2010, I wrote the post that follows.  Today, the reality of Jesus as our Sabbath points to many things:
from worry,
from sin,
from the illusion of control,
from striving,
from unrealized victory.

2010, In I looked at God's Sabbath from an adoption perspective.  But for ALL of us in ALL situations, the ability to rest in Christ is a sweet gift.

If you're in Montgomery, I'd love to see you:

Tuesday July 10 
St. James United Methodist Church 
in the Traditional Sanctuary
Please come say hello.

Text below from February 23, 2010

This whole adoption process is about the Sabbath.

You say, "What? How is resting on Sundays partially the point of adoption?"  Let me explain. God didn't command that we rest one day a week to promote laziness, or to frustrate us as we watch laundry piling up.  His point is RELIANCE.

Think about it... On a busy week when you're juggling a million priorities, don't you feel like it all could crash to the floor if you stop tossing and catching for even a minute? Sure, a day of rest sounds nice, but seriously. You have work to do.  People are relying on you.  If YOU stop, deadlines won't be met, the week will be disorganized, and everything will fall apart.  It's all about YOU and YOUR ability to hold it all together.

And God reminds us,
"No, I hold it together. 
Stop working and take a minute to REST in me.  
When you stop, you'll see that nothing worthwhile falls apart. 
Priorities come in line. 
And you'll notice that I have always been the One in control."

And what do we do? (What have I personally done, almost EVERY Sunday?) I don't believe God. I speak words of belief with my mouth, but my actions say this: "Sure, You're in control, I know. But God, I just have to get this done. There's no other way."

(Implying what? That we don't trust God enough to take the break that He commands. That He grants. We don't RELY on Him.)

Taking a break from our earthly work, for just one day, is a physical reminder of what Christianity is.

Isn't TRUE Christianity all about giving up on the "work" of "religion"?  It's not a juggling act to keep our piety up in the air.  Christianity isn't working towards righteousness.  It is realizing that we stink.  And that God is gracious and loving anyway. And HE will get it right for us.  IF we rest in Him. HE is our Sabbath.

(So how does this relate to adoption?)

[Uganda moms, don't panic and remember this whole post is pasted from February 2010.] 
Many of you already heard that the US Department of State has issued a statement regarding the "legal guardianship" situation in Uganda. It's nothing new. Just a statment.  But as Michelle said, "It is troublesome for there to be a need for an adoption announcement on the official US adoption website. We wish that the issues were short-lived and miniscule enough to fly under the US Dept of State's radar."


And the uncertainty continues.

But what can we do?
There is no WORK for me to chase after.
Nothing I do will make the Embassies and High Courts in Uganda act.
I have one option: REST in God. My Sabbath.
Who I rely on.
Who is in control, whether I am feverishly running on a hampster wheel, thinking I'm getting somewhere, or laying in His arms, gazing at His beautiful face.
I am totally weak in this situation. I am powerless.  And there is no better way to be.

"But [God] said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."   2 Corinthians 12:9

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