Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Flashbacks: Loving the Nations

A blog post from February 16, 2010.  Great advice from my brother.  We should all love the nations of the world more.  God does.

My brother gave me the best advice last week regarding all that is happening (or not happening -- who knows!) with adoption in Uganda.  He is a missionary in Japan... only his first love was Indonesia. For years, he thought he would be a missionary to Indonesia. He wanted to go to Indonesia. Yet God sent him with his wife and baby boy to Shizuoka City, Japan.

David said that it was humbling to let everyone know that he'd been wrong in his assumptions about where God was leading his family.  But ultimately, he said, he wasn't sorry to have fallen in love with a country he may never live in.  He said he learned this crucial fact:  we may fall in love with a group... with a nation. That's okay. God originally had His own special nation, too, in Israel.  But God's ultimate love is for the nations. For the world.

By nature, we are all so self-centered. We love ourselves, and those like us.  Sometimes, God awakens our cold hearts to the love of those different from us by using one.  One person, one group, one nation, one ethnicity.  For me, that one was Uganda.  For my brother, one began in Indonesia.

But the point of God growing our hearts is not that we stop at loving that one. If our hearts are really becoming like His, then we will have a heart for the nations.  And above all else, we'll have a heart for whatever pleases God.

So with that in mind, I gain a little more peace about whatever may happen with Uganda.  Yes, I greatly favor things working out in Uganda. (And our agency feels confident that it will.) But I pray that my heart is opening to a love for all people. I pray that my heart is becoming open to children of all ages, all ethnicities, and all medical needs with regards to our adoption.  With regards to life... wow. How do you learn to serve the world in a way that they see beautiful, sweet Jesus? God help us. I know He will.

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