Thursday, July 5, 2012

Clean House = Luxury. Fed Spirit = Necessity

I hope I always remember that a clean house is a luxury.  

I'm new full time domestic life, so the novelty keeps me thankful.  My house was never fully clean when I worked.  I could "trick-clean" like a pro before parties or small group, but the kind of true cleaning I do now?  Frivolity.  It's not a burden, because I know I lived years without it.  It's extravagant.

Someday, I'll probably moan about needing to dust the tops of the fans again this month, forgetting it is time EXCESS that allows for ever dust-free fans.

I hope I always remember that God's Presence and Word are necessities.

"Man does not live on bread alone," nor do man-made to-do lists trump our real, starving desperation for the Spirit, for Truth, for the Word.  I'm shocked by how easily I allow false demands to take precedence over the Only One I need.

I "have" to clean.
I "have" to cook.
I "have" to teach.
I "have" to write.
I "have" to read.
I "have" to do, do, do.

"But the Lord answered her, 
'Martha, Martha, 
you are troubled about many things, 
but one thing is necessary.  
Mary has 
chosen the good portion, 
will not be taken away 
from her.'"  
Luke 10:41-42

Sweet Jesus, bless me with time in Your Presence today.  
Help me be still, and know that You are God.  Not me.
Teach me to seek You, the Eternal, instead of the temporal demands of this world.

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Kayla said...

Isn't it nice when God allows you to stop and look at things in this way! It makes it that much easier to stop and thank God for the opportunity to clean your fan! I love when simple pleasures and seemingly pointless things make me stop in my tracks and thank Him! :)