Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Cheers for Working Moms + My New Art

I've often heard working mamas complain of their stay-at-home counterparts, "What do they do all day?"  I was privy to these conversations because I, too, was a working mom.  I'd wistfully laugh and say, "If I ever get to stay home with my girls, we'll come up with plenty to do."

I'm true to my word.  Life as a stay at home mom has been busy.

I like the stay-at-home kind of busy because everything we do is voluntary, at our own pace and schedule.  Every task is directly for the benefit of my family, whether scrubbing floors or playing at the park.  It's amazing.  Only in hindsight do I fully realize how burdened I felt as an accountant.  I'll probably be a working mom again some day... but it will take an amazing, passionate calling to pull me away from bits of this wife/mother time I love.

I've never admired working mothers as much as I do now.  The children of working mothers fare well, learning and making friends outside of the home.  It's the moms who make a huge sacrifice, missing precious moments with their babies, and wearing themselves out to ensure that no sacrifice is passed on to their children.

Working mamas, you're doing great.  I'm so very impressed by you.

And on a mostly unrelated note...
we drove over to lovely Fairhope on Saturday.

I bought the most beautiful artwork.  It looks just like my girls!

It's actually prints of local art on note card stationery.  Meaning I only had to pay $12 each. Not bad! 

Doesn't this look like my prissy girly-girl Amelia?

And our energetic Caroline just started tennis lessons.

Off to the frame store!

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