Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Owl Sleep Training Night Light + Owl Bedtime Book

(Forgive my random posts... Internet is still not set up at our new house, so all you get is what I peck on my iPhone. )

My girls are sharing a room now. The room has many doors, so the only way to arrange their two twin beds without blocking a door was... to push them nearly together! I was nervous about it. I envisioned zombie children, exhausted from late night giggling. My constant prayer was, "God, we're trying to honor You by living on less so I can be home with my girls, and we thought this was the best room arrangement in our new home. Perhaps You will teach us through the adversity of nightmare bedtimes BUT... is there any way You could make this easy on us? Can You just help our girls sleep well?"

So far, the girls have done great.

Thank You, God.

Still, they lacked:
1) a nightlight in our (scary to them) new house, and
2) an incentive to stay in bed in the morning until, oh, the sun came up at least.
(My alarm clock had become the voice of Caroline scream-whispering, "Sissy! Sissy! Let's get up! Wake up, Sissy!")

So we got them this precious owl nightlight, which glows their choice of yellow, blue, or pink at night. In the mornings, it turns green at the time I designate they can leave their beds. They know to stay put until they see a green owl.

Night light? Check.

The girls understanding when to get out of bed each morning? Check.

Precious new toy the girls adore? Check.

Mama's mornings back? Check!


Even better...
Another owl bedtime product to amplify the fun.

My girls love the owl themed bedtime story our friend Jessica bought for Amelia's birthday. Little Hoot begs his parents for the chance to GO TO BED, but his parents sternly insist he STAY UP an extra hour to play like a good night owl. My girls laugh so hard at the irony.

They clutch their glowing owl night light as we read about Little Hoot.

All you sleep deprived parents out there... these products can't hurt!


KC said...

I want this owl!! Where did you get it? I want my mornings back :)

RACHEL said...


"ok to wake" nightlight by Onaroo

Jessica Whatley said...

LOVE the owl and love that they love the book!!! Oh I love those girls!!