1. I agree with the special bond part, but for the children as well. I know in my own experience that finding out someone you know is adopted is an immediate bond. Just through discussing my adoption out loud in a class in high school lead one of the new girls to tell me she was adopted too, and we've been best friends ever since!

  2. You are spot on with your list! I can't tell you how incredibly thankful we are for you and the (growing) numbers of families that are similar to ours. Mobile sounds promising too! It's such a blessing to have others to share life with (for our kids and us).

  3. I agree, Emily's point is a great one. Just read your comment about telling your story in class and finding out about a classmate's adoption story! Amazing! And you're right, those bonds are so immediate and strong—just knowing someone "gets" you. πŸ™‚

  4. Hey! I have been reading your blog and so appreciate your heart! I found it linked in from T Via's blog. I would love to connect with people in this adoption journey, I just have a hard time finding them. What were your best resources in finding people? This may be a really obvious question. It seems like a lot of people connect via the internet, but I wondered how? Commenting? We live in Charlotte,NC. We are trying hard to adopt from Uganda. We just lost our second referral this week though. I know God has a plan. I love to read how He has worked and met other families on their journey.

  5. That's a good question. A lot of my early adoption contacts were from commenting and getting comments on blogs. A lot of people find friends on Facebook groups — I think there's a Ugandan adoption FB group, although I never joined.

    Our agency in 2008/2009 would let us share contact info with other families in process for the same country. That's who I felt closest to, even if we never met. but they may have stopped that becuase rumors went flying that way, sometimes out of control. (about what was happening or not happening with Ugandan adoption.)

    Google and find out if there are adoption support groups in your town. I'm doing that now in my new town. And I'm getting a few leads.

    Most of all, we can pray about it. I think community in adoption is so important.

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