Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quitting Work

Today is my last day of work.

As I pulled into the parking deck early one morning weeks ago, I made a plea to God: “If it’s possible, please give me a mighty place to serve You that never again involves accounting.”  I've rarely blogged about my deep desires for a different line of work.

I’m not ungrateful for my job. The sweet partner who hired me granted such flexible hours that this mama’s mind was blown with gratitude. Brad and my parents mothered Caroline for months so I could study and pass the CPA exam. My time as an accountant has been a gift. Even though I longed to be home with my girls, I learned “to be content in all circumstances” through working these past four years.

I never felt a peace about quitting work… until we heard we were moving. Brad said then I should stay home with our girls in Mobile.

This last day of work is a happy day.

For every tear I cry to leave Montgomery, our church, and our friends, (including one especially dear work friend,) I am bolstered by confidence that we are meant to go to Mobile, Brad is meant to preach each week, we are meant to serve in new capacities… and this upcoming season of life is not meant for accounting.

In three days, Brad will preach his first sermon at Dauphin Way UMC in Mobile. I am thrilled. Brad knows how He is meant to serve our Savior. I am confident God will also show me new ways to glorify Him, not as an accountant, but as a mother, wife, friend, adoption advocate, teacher, and whatever else He calls me to be.

Enough seriousness. 
Start the party!! It's a day of celebration!!!!


The Kirks said...

Seriously, seriously jealous of you right now! You will be a wonderful stay at home Mommy! I know that you will be kept busy. :)

Shannon Evans said...

Congratulations! Woo hoo! Well done, good and faithful servant!

RACHEL said...

Thank you both! I am so excited.