Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Brain-Sludge Blog

I've never understood writer's block... until now.  Hand me a pen or a typewriter most days, and my word count launches past the sound barrier, for better or for worse.

I'm learning writer's block isn't a lack of words; it's more like a bloody pile of amputated sentences and ideas, and a surgeon overwhelmed with the task of mending the parts into an intelligible whole.

I'm not a good surgeon this week. I cannot make sense of the pieces floating in the thick sludge of my brain.  I process change slowly.  And everything is changing.  I quit work, the girls' formal school career is ending in time to soon test-drive homeschool, we're changing cities, Brad changed jobs, some details we thought were set (like where we'll live in Mobile,) suddenly seem uncertain again...

It's all good stuff. No hardship around here.
Just a lot of brain-sludge.

It looks like we'll remain in transition for several more weeks. Half-living in two cities is bizarre. So forgive my brain-sludge blog.  Heirs with Christ may be a sorry corner of the web until this transitional phase of life is over!  :)