Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Morgan Hayden

our friend Morgan Hayden

When I tell teenagers about Mother Teresa, their eyes glaze over. She died in 1997, before many of them were born. To them, lessons from her life seem as archaic and distant as Noah and the flood.

Tell teenagers instead about Katie Davis, and they lean close to hear more. She’s everything pop culture adores… youth, beauty, confidence. Yet she’s turned from all our culture hails, as if she’s had a heart transplant and holds inside of her all Jesus had.

Perhaps the most inspiring thing about Katie Davis is she is alive today. She’s not a page in history; we’ve grown immune to libraries full of dusty history pages. She is, at this moment, a warm breath exhaling upon the red dust of Africa. In this present day, she is proof Jesus lives and His Spirit empowers the weak. How else could a young American homecoming queen become a mother of thirteen girls, a feeder of hundreds, an author who inspires by the thousands?

Faith walks straight paths on this wildly spinning, tilt-o-whirl planet. The ruck of humanity stumbles violently over itself. We wobble and shake, and watch slack jawed as the occasional Spirit-filled Christian glides ahead with Jesus-anchored steps. The sure footed of God rise above.

Watching the sure footed walk across history pages is educational.

Watching them walk across your living room, in your lifetime? It’s intoxicating.

Two years ago, one of these Jesus-walkers “of whom the world is not worthy” sat in my living room. Morgan Hayden sat on my couch.

   We talked about her college classes.

   The desperate grandmother who gave her a starving baby in the remote villages of Honduras.

   How the baby became her daughter.

   How she loved that child back to health, and hoped she wasn’t HIV+ like the birthmother.

   How she reluctantly submitted to her parents and was finishing her last bit of college.

   How she was counting the days until she could move back to Honduras.

   How she missed her daughter.
   How she missed her new home with the Mosquito people.

   How she knows Spanish, but has to learn yet a third language so she can better communicate in her secluded village.

   Her plans to open (family-pod style) orphanages.

   The dangerous Honduran prisoners she’s come to love and serve fearlessly.

   The feeding program she’d begin...

Today, 22 year old Morgan lives in Honduras with her HIV- (praise God) daughter, Grace. She recently gained custody of her son Daniel. She still visits prisons, serves orphans, feeds children. Her ministry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Morgan visited the U.S. this month. Our entire church wanted speak to her between services, so I only stole a moment for a tight squeeze and a hello. She later dashed out to my car for a chance to meet Amelia in person for the first time. We felt like a couple of regular adoptive mama’s chatting.

Amelia, Morgan, me, Caroline
 But she’s not just an adoptive mama. She has this entire ministry that God breathed life into. I am in awe.

So we had Caroline sign up to sponsor one of Morgan’s feeding-program children. It was a bargain at only $10 a month. Morgan’s ministry is beautifully raw and new, without the slick marketing that may come in time; I love that. Sponsorship cards were made of photos, construction paper, and personalized drawings by each child. It’s the best sponsorship material I’ve ever seen.

Caroline loves pink, so she chose to sponsor twelve year old “Yahida,” who’d glued her picture to pink construction paper. Yahida will receive this picture of Caroline:

Yahida will also receive two meals a week, vitamins, and deworming medication.

And our family?

Our family receives the gift of knowing Morgan. A real-life, Jesus-walker whose steps are firmly rooted in faith. We follow her blog and Facebook updates. We pray for her. We are inspired by her. We thank God that she was willing to lose her life in order to truly gain it.


Long ago, I started a (slow moving!) blog series called Faith Takes Feet. This post about Morgan, founder of Root Ministries,” is my first in the series. Praise God for steady-walking Christians in a world woozy with sinful distraction.

To give to Jesus’ work through Morgan, click here and notate that your gift is for Root Ministries.

If you know Christians who should be highlighted for “Faith Takes Feet”, please email me at rachel(dot)goode(at)gmail(dot)com.


Tracy said...

I am so humbled by her service. WOW! I am so glad you shared about the ministry!!

RACHEL said...

Isn't she inspiring?!

Debbie said...

Wow - she is an amazing woman and all this at 22 yrs old? Remarkable!

MariaAna said...

wow.. that's really inspiring. there are only a few people out there who have poured out their hearts to give a hand to those who are in great need. We should salute them and pray that theyll have more and more blessing to come into their lives.

thanks for sharing this.