Thursday, May 31, 2012

Montgomery Adoption Playgroup

Montgomery has a fantastic adoption community.  It has grown by leaps and bounds since 2008, when we began the adoption process.  I felt an instant bond with so many of these women, most of whom I've spent little time with but am willing to share my whole heart with. Our common faith, lives, and passions create fast, deep friendships...  friendships I truly believe will last even as I travel to a new city.

I may be wrong, but Mobile doesn't appear to have an active adoption community.  I'm sure people adopt, just like any city.  But getting these family's to gather in Jesus' name and serve the foster system, adoptions of all kinds, birth mothers, etc?   That is an exciting challenge I'd love to take part in.

For those of you still in Montgomery... please take part in the amazing adoption community here!  Play groups are a great place to get started.  On Facebook, join "Montgomery Area Adoption and Foster Families."  They meet every third Thursday for a fun time.

Tell them Rachel sent you.  And send my love.


Leslie said...

We miss y'all already. Praying for your new adventure in Mobile and for the opportunities that God is going to provide to share the need to care for the orphan! Can't wait to see what happens!

L.O.T. said...

I love this group and am so looking forward to seeing how it continues to expand and root itself in Montgomery while stretching and reaching out to others. I can only imagine the ways in which you will touch the lives on those in Mobile as you've impacted the lives of people here! Can't wait to see what God has in store for the Goode family. We love ya'll!

L.O.T. said...
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RACHEL said...

I love y'all. This group is multiplying so fast. I'm jealous of everyone who will join. I wish I could stay in it!