If I Could Say One Thing

I’m dumb. I’ve been worried about silly stuff lately… First impressions, moving boxes, finishing books and getting a tan. Not exactly life and death stuff.

And on my blog, I’ve struggled for content. For heaven’s sake, I blogged about a four ingredient sandwich, and I didn’t even like yesterday’s Waiting Wednesday quote! (nor do I know who the guy is who said it, or where I found it.)

I’m so consumed with our life changes that I’m functioning like a lobotomy patient. I stare at my blog and can’t think of ONE THING to say.

Until now.

Now, I remember why I started this blog.

I started it to tell the One Thing that matters. Jesus. That He died, then lived to save us from pitiable lives where our greatest concerns are tans and moving boxes. 

He adopted us into a family filled with
and the most wonderful ability to both love others and simultaneously not care in the least what they think of us.

We’re hidden in Him; what does it matter what they think of us?

No, I don’t have much to say.
Except this:
Living for Jesus is the only true satisfaction you’ll ever find. 

I know, it’s hard to believe that an invisible God can satisfy us when so many tangible temptations float before our eyes.  We all get distracted.  Lately, I have been beyond distracted.

But when I’m distracted from Him, life suddenly becomes pointless.
And life is too short to live without a point.
It’s too short to live with a lesser point.
I want to live ONLY for the Creator and Savior.
I don’t want to waste my life.
I don’t want to waste our move to Mobile.
I don’t want to waste even this hour.
How about your?

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