Monday, May 21, 2012

The Girls' First Sunday in Mobile

Another Sunday in Mobile.
Another wave of gratitude for the warm welcome we're receiving.

Dozens of people must be praying for our girls' transition. After arriving in town on Saturday, we dropped our unsuspecting daughters with a babysitter while we attended a street party. I wanted to dance for the first hour of the party simply because of how well the girls handled our leaving. Amelia didn't shed a single tear; she even smiled and cheered goodbye. Caroline was stuffing her face with green beans -- GREEN BEANS instead of fried chicken and macaroni -- as we shut the door behind us. Miracles do happen. 

(Mobile street parties, by the way, manage to be simultaneously casual and dreamy, as if someone sprinkled fairy dust on the neighborhood at twilight.)

Saturday night set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Caroline and Amelia each courageously entered new Sunday school classes, receptions, lunches, and nighttime childcare. Several people mentioned how sorry they felt for Amelia as she cried a few times. But for our sensitive Amelia, a simple cry without crumpling to the floor in shrieks reveals immense fortitude.

As for me, I've felt ministered to here already.  Although I knew months ago that God was calling us here, I let logistics and packing and first outfits and first impressions pull my eyes briefly off of the Reason we're here.  The people here lovingly pointed me back to Him already, without even knowing it.

The only problem? It's exhausting being new.  I miss my friends in Montgomery.  But, we'll be back Tuesday!


Jessica Whatley said...

We miss you!!!

Christie said...

Which church is he serving at? Q attended Christ Fellowship while he was in school at the University of Mobile.

RACHEL said...

I miss you, Jess!

RACHEL said...

Dauphin Way UMC. Small world!

Michelle Wilson said...

So glad you are enjoying the Port City so far! (FYI, most of us grew up calling that bridge the Dolly Parton Bridge). ;)