Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Flashbacks: Family Tree

Originally posted on January 21, 2010, after it struck me that by adopting one child, the effects might ripple down to a heritage of grandchildren with vastly diverse ethnicities.  A beautiful realization.

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During the last home study interview, our social worker asked us a thrilling question. Her battery of questions were meant to ensure we understand the full implications and uncertainties of international adoption.

This part of the interview was robotic.
     YES, we realize there are risks in international adoption.
     YES we know you can’t guarantee the health record of our child.
     YES this,
     YES that…

Then she asked a question that NO, I had never thought about.

“Do you realize that the effect of adopting transracially will change the racial makeup of your family for generations to come?”


For generations to come?

The realization hit me like glorious light. Of course this adoption would change the racial makeup of our family. But I had never grasped that its impact would be as far reaching as the limbs on our family tree. Our children will (God-willing) see diversity as beautiful. Our children’s spouses, our grandchildren, and generations from here on out will possibly be from multiple ethnicities. When God promised that every nation, tribe, and tongue would be blessed through Christ, it never occurred to me that that promise could be partially fulfilled within our OWN little family. It literally brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how God keeps his promises in such loving and PERSONAL ways. Oh, He is sweet.

So while the rest of the world fights the aging process, I now have one reason to look forward to my future wrinkles and bent back… My hair may someday lose its color, but I will be witnessing just how COLORFUL our family will be becoming. It will be so beautiful!

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