Thursday, May 3, 2012

Children's Books for Teaching the Bible

Here are six children's books our family loves, all aimed towards planting seeds of faith in tiny young hearts. The first two I'm listing are the best.  If you can get no others, get these first two awesome books.  

The Jesus Storybook Bible is poetic.  I regularly fight tears as I read it to Caroline.  It's a bit wordy for our four year old, but she still loves it.  Our two year old gets bored with it.  It's ideal for ages seven and up.  I would even highly recommend it to an adult who has no children.  It is dripping with beauty, art, and spiritual wisdom.

The other "great" is The Big Picture Story Bible.  With childlike stories, it shows how Genesis to Revelation is a single story line.  It is perfect for my two year old, my four year old, and even for me... My understanding of Scripture is richer for having read it.

Okay, go order the two books above, stat! 
Got them?
The rest of the books below are great, but optional.

For the tiniest Bible scholars, a cardboard Bible with vivid pictures and a handle:

For kids who love riddles.  This book has peek-a-boo flaps that you open to answer riddles.
"One tiny raindrop/splashed on his nose./ Earth turned to mud/As flood waters rose./ With all the animals/ he floated away/ Safe in the ark/ One dark rainy day./ Peek-A-Boo, I see who?/ Peek-A-Boo NOAH!"

The illustrations in this devotional are gorgeous.  Caroline stares at them for minutes on end.  (That's a long time for a four year old!)  

Our roommate once read this entire book to our girls, start to finish.  All 256 pages.  Someone liked this book, that's all I'm saying!

What books do your children love?
No, really, I need to know! We promised our girls we'd get them some new books!


Shannon Evans said...

Agreed, the Jesus Storybook Bible is in a league of its own. When I recommend it to people I always say that you can tell the author is really in love with Jesus. I frequently tear up reading it too! I love that it connects the stories of the OT to Jesus... I wish I had seen that as a child!

RACHEL said...

I just wish I could find more stuff of that caliber. Let me know if you ever run across anything else you love nearly as much! I need more children's book greatness! :)