Tuesday, May 1, 2012

9 Ways I'm Revamping My Life

(Panty hose on her head to keep her
hair style intact while she sleeps...
oh the things we girls do for beauty!)

I really shouldn’t be here, typing, blogging.

Friends often peer at me in confusion and wonder aloud, “How do you have time to keep up with a blog? I don’t have that kind of time!”

I spend less than an hour each week watching TV, if at all.
I rarely look at magazines.
I limit my time on Facebook.
I rarely shop for fun.
And okay, I’ll be honest… my floors are overdue for a good mopping, my family eats terribly, and I sometimes read blogs in the dark at bedtime as I rub my girls’ backs.


I make time.

I might be a nerd.

And yes, I know, I need to reprioritize. Badly.

The blog, however, is here to stay. STEP AWAY FROM THE BLOG, AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT!

Some of you are judging me. Perhaps rightfully so.
Unless you watch Jersey Shore. You have no right to judge how I waste my time if you waste yours on someone named Snooki.


An up-side to moving is the chance to revamp priorities. Several changes are coming:
  1. I’m quitting life as an accountant! Glory, glory, hallelujah.
  2. I’ll stay home with my girls!! (I plan to also be busy and useful outside the home.)
  3. We will test-drive homeschooling. Caroline will be ready for four-year-old preschool in the fall. We plan to simultaneously homeschool (using Sonlight) and send her to a two-day a week preschool. It will be a low-risk trial run.
  4. I hope to volunteer for orphan care in Mobile. I’m linking up with Lifeline Children’s Services to help with their initiatives in adoption advocacy, foster care, birth mother ministry, and orphan care in Mobile.
  5. I’ll be a better wife and mother. With my formal job out of the way, I can work harder at making my family feel loved, nurtured, fed, fluffed, primped, tended, cleaned, cultivated, cuddled, kissed, coddled, … Ahem. Excuse me. My words got away from me.
  6. We’ll subscribe to fresh, local produce each month.
  7. I’ll write more.
  8. I’ll find ways to teach about Jesus.
  9. I’ll aim to relish life outside of my comfort zone.
Notice that this list made no promise of exercise. I should think about adding that. After my bowl of ice cream and nap.

And no, it’s not too early in the morning for a nap!



Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Tracy said...

So happy for you! That sounds like an awesome list!

L.O.T. said...

Sounds like there are many a good things to come!!!
Love you!!!

RACHEL said...

Thank y'all so much! Here's to hoping I follow through. :)

~Ashley said...

I would just like to say to anyone who thinks you should ease up on the blog: BACK OFF! lol I LOVE reading your blog and do so pretty regularly. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us! It is a blessing :) Good luck in your move. I know you are going to be missed terribly but what a great opportunity to go where God leads!

RACHEL said...

Ashley! I didn't know you had a blog. I'm coming over now!