Monday, April 2, 2012

We're Moving

We are moving.

Brad accepted a preaching position in Mobile, Alabama, a few hours south of where we now live.

I am a jumble of emotions. We have an incredible life in Montgomery. During Brad's nine years here and our six years of marriage, we have been immersed with friendship, comforts, and opportunities. I so tenderly cherish all "Montgomery" will forever symbolize to our family. In fact, I guarantee I will be reduced to a crumpled heap of tears at some point before our May/June move date. 

Still, peace consumes me. It is God's hand gently maneuvering us towards a new chapter. 

In early December, Brad gathered our little family in front of the Christmas tree for an Advent reading. The tiny white tree lights seemed to march off of their branches to form a giant flashing arrow pointing towards this verse:

“By faith Abraham, when called to go […], obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.” (Hebrews 11:8)

(Okay, maybe no Christmas lights physically jumped off the tree, but the verse did strike a major chord in my soul. I told Brad so as we climbed into bed that night. "I almost wonder if we are about to move. The verse about leaving Ur stood out to my spirit as if it were a direct message.") 

You may remember that I referenced this verse in my 2012 New Years’ Resolutions:
“To go, just go, even if we don’t know what that means, because neither did Abraham when he left from Ur.”

So in late January, when Brad received an unanticipated message about a ministry position in Mobile, my spirit said, “of course.” It was as if a (small) part of me felt it coming.

To be honest, I am excited.

No, I'm not excited to leave best friends, true support, continual love and generosity and graciousness and sweet camaraderie.   I really am not sure that I will ever again experience anything like what we've had here. But that is okay. 

I don't expect Mobile to be just like Montgomery, or our new church to be like Saint James, or our new friends to be just like our old friends. The personalities of cities and churches are as unique as the individuals we love and spend life with.

Everything in Mobile is sure to be different. I am excited, because I know that “different” is what God has for us right now. 

God used Montgomery to fill us to overflowing. To show us what love is, what an open home is, what generosity is, what friendship is, what community is, and what we are to be towards our brothers and sisters in the church.

I don’t say “brothers and sisters” in a trite way… Six years ago, I would have groaned at this. But St. James has made me believe in the “family” of the church.

Our church family is about to grow.

We've been blessed here to be a blessing elsewhere. It is our turn to pour out like we've been poured into.  
I am so grateful to both love the place we’re leaving and be excited about the place we’re going. God lavishes us, doesn’t He?

(Now just remind me of that when I get nervous!)


Shonni said...

I’m so excited and sad for you too.
And the girls are beyond adorable in those pictures!!

Naomi said...

I know how you feel leaving loved ones.... bittersweet.... but excitement for all that God has for you. I am always thankful that God prepares our heart before we He tells us to take a step.

(Two years ago yesterday I left my home in the UK and moved back to the States. It was very hard but God has brought so many blessings along the way.)

I look forward to seeing how God will use you!

RACHEL said...

Thanks, Shonni!

RACHEL said...

Wow, moving countries and continents is huge compared to moving cities within a state! I am always aware that our "challenges" are always smaller than someone else's. I was just reading a heartbreKing blog post about cancer, and another about losing a child... I thought, my "challenges" are small potatoes! (and happy ones, as well!)