Monday, April 9, 2012

More Pics Than You Ever Wanted of Our Easter Weekend

So... how was your Easter?  

This weekend, we had a visit from SANTA CLAUSE.

No, I did not mean the Easter Bunny. 
Why do you ask?

See the beard?  That's Santa alright.

Did you know my girls are contestants on The Bachelor?  

Caroline got a rose.  Amelia was next.

Look at the excitement with which she runs to join the rose girls who will remain on the show. 

Oh, I crack me up.

If only my girls had their mother's sophisticated sense of humor.

But they are crafty.

And skilled egg hunters.

And precious.

And oh so huggable. 

Even when I'm sweaty after a run.

Love my girls!


Kait said...

Your girls are adorable but I just have to say you look so cute as a brunette!

RACHEL said...

Thank you!!! I am finally getting used to it enough to really enjoy it.