1. Always know that yall have made a mark on Montgomery and the people here. Your lives and your ministry and your sweet wonderful children have touched and changed lives!

    • Please keep me updated on all the foster/adoption stuff at church that is about to explode! I'm so excited for St. James and hope I get to see glimpses of all God does there!

    • Girl, y'all seem to move countries and cities like I change outfits! Where are you going? I need advice on how you do it do well!

  2. So often people put down where they live. This is refreshing. And love how your lessons shines through. Glad I came to your post today from the Better Writer forum

  3. Jonathan Solvason

    Amen Rachel! You are right on with your post. Home is where you make. We look forward to seeing you down here on the coast.

  4. Ha! You're hilarious! (But yes sometimes it does feel like that!) We are moving to DFW (only about 2 hrs away) for my hubs to get his Master's degree. Only planning to be there 2 years, so another move is on the horizon… maybe one day we'll "plant" somewhere! I don't have any great advice on how to do it… I think God created me to enjoy change b/c he knew we were going to get a lot of it! The best advice I could give would be to work hard at maintaining the few friendships that you believe will be "lifers", regardless of how far apart you are. Grace to the 4 of you during this time!

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