Annoyed, but Not Crushed :)

We’re in full moving mode.

The stack of packed boxes in our garage is beginning to teeter.
Brad has two more Sundays working at our current church.
I have 12 more days as an accountant.
Our girls will finish their preschool year, soccer season, and dance recital just in time to hit the road.

And we still don’t know where in Mobile we’re going to live.

Nor if anyone will rent our house.

We have a roommate who isn’t sure where she’ll live when we’re gone.

Our friend “Jay” in the Montgomery foster care system will tell us goodbye, clueless that we’re extremely hopeful about his near future. He does have good news in the works, but it’s not set in stone, so we’re not at liberty to tell him.


I’d like to pluck each question mark out of the air to neatly tuck and tie in packages before we say goodbye.

But in the scheme of life, these “problems” are trivial. Last summer, we worried whether my dad could live well again, if at all. The summer before that, my sister crushed her ankle. I remember the ache of my daughter living half a world away. Life brings pain.  Wondering where we’ll rent next doesn’t rank.

My point in posting today is twofold:

  1. I’m griping. Indulgently. Without shame. About, relatively speaking, nothing.
  2. If I can trust God for the big stuff, then I can also trust Him with the annoyances.

You hear that, Me? If you turn to God in the raging storm, you can surely turn to him when one… drop… of rain… drops incessantly… on your nose… again… and again… in the same… exact spot.

When doubt nags,
and cereal bowls spill,
and toddlers poop in their panties once again WHILE LAUGHING NONETHELESS..

“Who, me?”

When life bugs you, keep perspective.
It is God who is good, not the absence of frustration.
It is God who is big, not your problems.
Breathe.  And, when possible, laugh.

To quote our soon-to-be pastor, “I am annoyed, but not persectued… and definately not crushed.”

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