Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Last Post EVER On Kony 2012

(Full disclosure: The title to this post is most likely a lie. Ha!)

I know you're sick of the controversy surrounding the Invisible Children's Kony 2012 video. I have been engrossed in the whole thing and can't help myself but to post a few more thoughts/links.  Humor me! I'll be brief.

  1. I applaud the Invisible Children for making the (admittedly flawed) video through their (admittedly flawed) organization.  It started conversation.  It's made young people see the world as a bigger place with bigger concerns than our belly buttons.  It also caused thousands of us who "advocate" various causes to question whether we do so in a harmful way tainted by Western attitudes and baggage.  I needed that lesson.  I have been changed by the discussion.  Any flaws the IC has, I also had and am being challenged to shed thanks to their boldness.  In a world where so many do nothing, I am proud of the efforts of the IC.  I pray that the troubles they are now experiencing are mere growing pains and helpful lessons as they move forward with added wisdom, rather than the beginning of their end.
  2. Here are the links I loved when researching this controversy:
    1. A simply excellent article from TIME.  So intellegent, helpful... I can't say enough good about it.  I tried to pick a favorite quote to pull for you to entice you to read it, but it was too good to pick just one line.  Really, go read the full article!
    2. The blog post that best said what I was thinking about the controversy.
    3. The blog post that best said the things I should have been thinking about the controversy... like, where is Jesus in all of this?  (a perspective from someone in Uganda)
    4. The best blog post about empathy for the struggles of imperfect yet trying not-for-profits.
    5. The best blog post about Jason Russell's breakdown, and why our devotion to a cause should not be linked to the perfection of a human in leadership.
Ahhh.  Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest.  I feel better now. :)


Naomi said...

I agree with you and have also been following along. I think we often forget the spiritual side to all of this. Kony is Satanic and Russell and IC have come against the work of the enemy. It is not surprising that all hell would break loose on Russell and a massive attack be made against him. I for one am grieved that I was not praying for those on the front line of this battle more. What he did was wrong but like many have said in the above posts, we have little idea of the magnitude of this spiritual attack and the effects of the criticism. I pray that with God's strength and in His time, Russell gets right back into the battle and the work of IC made even stronger as a result.

Thank you for sharing!

RACHEL said...

Naomi, you're right. Jason Russell needed (and needs) our prayers and not our condemnation. Thanks for posting your thoughts!