1. Amazing video. So true. Just like your link to the Kony in the last post, a story can be embraced by millions and be so very incomplete and rob people of dignity. That thought makes my job 1000 times harder…

  2. The Kony 2012 debate is what led me to the video in the first place (through Rachel Held Evans' blog). There is such danger in the single story! But, to defend the Invisible Children organization, I contend that there is an even greater danger in an untold story. I applaud them (and you, Jacob,) for getting stories out there. Sometimes all we can tell is one story at a time, and make efforts to continue telling added stories in the future to create a more complete, lifelike picture.

  3. So eye opening! Moving. And dare I say, "life changing."
    I scribbled so many notes. Emailing on and think I'll share it on our blog in the near future! Thanks for sharing!

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