1. Beautiful. I am also an adoptive mom to a child of a different race, in our case Hispanic. We love the diversity in our family. Our boys often ask us if we can adopt a sister from China and one from Africa so that we can have all the world in our family.

    I am thrilled to meet another mom with a similar story, and I hope that we can meet at She Speaks this summer.

    • Hi Wendy! Your blog is Odessy of a Lifetime, right? I *think* I'm attending She Speaks. My husband and I are praying it over and making the final decision at the end of this week. I hope I get to go, and I hope I meet you there! It'd be good to "know" someone there with so much in common.

  2. Wonderful Rachel. You and Brad have been a blessing to so many people. The path that your family have gone through has been paved through countless prayers and tears. Your family is a blessing to so many.

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