Pigs and Babies

Tonight I:

* pet my friends' new pet pig

* held friends' precious newborn son

* (the friends with the new pig and the friends with the new baby are not the same)

* I fell in love. (with the baby; not the pig… Although the pig made me awfully happy and laugh)

* prayed to always be a part of that sweet baby's life

* wondered whether we should get pregnant

* missed Brad and wondered whether I should broach the baby topic with him

* came home and easily put my two big girls to bed, knowing they'll sleep all night long

* decided we don't need a new baby

* thanked God for sleep
* thanked God that we don't have an infant RIGHT now

* called Brad to say goodnight. I stayed far away from the "us" and "baby" conversation

* not now, thank you

* but maybe next week 🙂

(The picture and the name of this post are not related. Brad is not a pig, although Amelia is my baby. I posted a picture of Brad because I miss him!)

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  1. As much as I want a baby, I *need* my sleep. So now I'm just praying for people around me to get pregnant so I can enjoy their babies.

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