God has been gently nudging me about something lately… And I've been half hearing him, forgetting, only partially paying attention. God must think I am not attentive. My husband Brad knows the feeling: me half-listening, busy, forgetting to respond, answering his words with my silence.

My poor earthly husband and my forgotten Heavenly Husband. I neglect them both.

The truth is, I adore them both, God and Brad. I love time with them. I want to make them both happy. I want be better at showing them both how often I think of them.

The Bible talks a lot about wayward wives like me.

Both of my husbands show me such grace and forgiveness and love. What would I do if they didn't?

We have soul mates, and then we have the Lover of Our Souls. We were made to romance them both. To live lives of passion. To give and accept the love of our temporal and eternal spouses.

I'm tired of the flat, lackluster way that I love. We were made for more. I'm ready for romance. On earth and with my Creator. I want to live with sweet passion. How about you?

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