God has been gently nudging me about something lately… And I've been half hearing him, forgetting, only partially paying attention. God must think I am not attentive. My husband Brad knows the feeling: me half-listening, busy, forgetting to respond, answering his words with my silence. My poor earthly husband and my forgotten Heavenly Husband. I … [Read more…]

Pigs and Babies

Tonight I: * pet my friends' new pet pig * held friends' precious newborn son * (the friends with the new pig and the friends with the new baby are not the same) * I fell in love. (with the baby; not the pig… Although the pig made me awfully happy and laugh) * prayed … [Read more…]

Counting Today

Today consisted of: * one flat tire * one lost set of keys * once scared out of my mind * one husband on a plane to Colorado (& he just got back in town yesterday!) * twice late to church * two girls cuddling in my bed * eight sweet friends discussing God's beautiful … [Read more…]