1. I found your blog last week and a so glad I did. I needed to read this today. Going through infertility and this is the place I am trying to get to. You have a beautiful family. War Eagle!

  2. We got the phone call!!! Yesterday we heard from APAC and we are approved…in August. We have been approved at each step along the way since we haven't been married 3 years. State DHR utimatly decided they want us to be married 3 years before adopting. Our anniversary is August 8th! Six months and we can start being considered as an adoptive resource in Alabama!!!

  3. War Eagle Vanessa! Waiting is THE hardest but such a spiritually important catalyst for growth. I'm praying for you. God sees every tear and loves you.

    MELANIE!!! I'm so excited for y'all!! Please keep your blog updated in August!

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