1. I told my husband before I left that I was almost afraid of what God was going to tell me this weekend. We were all ready to get our son home from Uganda and then turn around to start paperchasing again for the next round of adoption.

    But this weekend the one thing God told me was to hold steady on the course He set me on, which is not an endless round of adoption paperwork and stress. I am in awe of how He laid my heart in a peaceful place despite the weight it's carrying right now. C4C was SO good for my soul and it was lovely to meet you and thank you in person for your encouragement.

  2. I loved hugging you and seeing you in person so I know by FACE who I am praying for. I AM PRAYING FOR YOUR UPCOMING COURT DATE! I cannot imagine your pain or your wait, but I won't stop praying. You and Sara Ribbens are on my mind constantly. God will have great eternal rewards for both of you for your perseverance. All my love.

  3. So good Rachel. Really. The cry of your heart is the cry of so many of us. I have been wrestling with those same feelings of what next? And god keeps telling me to be still. Thank you for that reminder!

  4. I so agree about this weekend. I felt a sense of freedom more than anything. He's in control, so why do I try to take the lead? It was so good to see you! Many blessings!

  5. This is a great word!! I wish I could have been there but just returned from Uganda a week ago. Got to hug Sara's neck and meet her sweet children and like you, I am really praying for them to come home really soon.

    Maybe one I shall get to meet you too:)

  6. Thanks for posting this, Rachel. I really needed to hear it. Just like you, I have pretty much been ready to adopt or foster again since the moment we stepped off the plane from Uganda with Alyosha. Thank you for the reminder that a radical relationship is more important than (and pre-empts) radical action. Wish I could have been there to hug your neck! Maybe next year… 🙂

  7. I loved your post!! I felt so much of the same this weekend. I left feeling an overwhelming sense of how much God cares for my heart and seeks a relationship with ME! Yes, we all share this heart for things that make our lives seem "radical" at times, but it's our love and our heart for God that comes first! We are nothing without remembering that it is all about him! I loved meeting you! Your girls are super cute! 🙂

  8. Lindsay & Kayla, I'm so glad I got to spend time with you both this weekend! It really was one of the major highlights 🙂 Shannon, I really hope we meet next year but what would be even more awesome (and mire unlikely!) is to get Alyosha & Amelia together!!

    So neat that Naomi was just with Sara Ribbens as I mentioned her! Next year I'd love to see you & Sara at the conference! 🙂

    Shauna, I met you in Uganda almost EXACTLY one year ago! Christen, your comment is so sweet, especially coming from someone whose writing I respect so much. Love you!

  9. WHATTTTT! Rachel – please tell me you are kidding – and I didn't miss an opportunity to sit and chat with you! Where were you? What the heck. Oh yeah – stomach bug. i spent much of the weekend in my room 🙁 im so sad grrrr

  10. Everyday I'm reminded by why I'm so glad you're my friend. I love that God is so sweet to teach us through our friends. It seems like we're either in the state of "What next?" or "I like my comfort of conforming" when we should be seeking God and growing closer to him and he will reveal all we need.

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