The other day, I ran across some pictures of Amelia’s first days at home.  Both of my girls look miserable.  I laughed out loud.  At the time, I thought we were doing great.  Sometimes it is only in hindsight that I realize how difficult a phase of life really was… we just had so much to be thankful for that I was blind to the difficulty… but 1 year olds and 3 years olds aren’t always counting their blessings when they’re sleep deprived and have had their worlds turned upside down.  Adjusting to huge life changes is no piece of cake, even when the changes bring remarkable blessing.

at least Brad is smiling 🙂

can’t tell if Amelia is screaming or laughing.  Caroline is not happy!

I am thankful that we have very few pictures like these… I think our adjustment period was very short lived.  What can I say?  I have some wonderful, adaptable girls who just lean towards “happy” most of the time!  (And we’re humble about it! Ha.) 

My brother’s family has recently moved home from three years in Japan, and that jogged my memory regarding how difficult adjustment can be.  Not that bringing home Amelia compares to their moving across the world. 🙂  I’m just saying.

We’re so happy to have them home.  I’m looking forward to the first Christmas in a long time with my whole side of the family!  (Followed by Christmas with Brad’s side of the family, woohoo!)
“Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato

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