I Love My Church

The youngest female members of our church small group 🙂

 I am ridiculously proud of my church.  For so many reasons.

  1. They’re the most servant-hearted, time-money-support-friendship giving people I’ve been around in my entire life.
  2. We live in the “good” side of a notoriously divided and historically racist town — yet Amelia was welcomed with the love she deserved, and we’ve never recieved anything but warmth from the congregation.
  3. The church humored Brad and I over the past year, giving us plenty of time to talk about “our” thing… adoption.  YET, they are quickly making it THEIR thing!  (since it is a God thing)
    1. Caroline with Uganda-mom-in-process, Lacy!
    2. Many families are considering adoption
    3. Twenty families signed up for foster care certification classes after Orphan Sunday!!!
  4. I never understood Christian community until I lived it here.
  5. There are so many at our church who are EAGER to be radically responsive to the call of God in their lives.  The former young adults/singles ministry is an example… they’ve completed INCREDIBLE projects in the past, and now the group is almost dissapated because they’ve scattered to follow various callings… international missions, marriage, etc etc!  Now that’s a great reason for a church “program” to dissapate.
  6. My church gives people the benefit of the doubt. I love that.  It is not a place of judgement, but of grace.  And not the phoney, feel-good, televangelest grace.  The real stuff.
  7. My best friends are there.  (except a few!)
  8. The music/worship there rocks my socks off. (Okay, I dont’ usually wear socks on Sunday… I guess I mean it is meaningful to me!)
  9. No one who I knew when I met them at our church six years ago is still the same person they were back then.  And that is healthy.  Growth is so good.
  10. They’re good to my husband.  They’re so great to the staff.  They’ve been amazing to our family.
  11. They can throw a party like it’s nobody’s business, and make the person of honor feel overwhelmed with love.
  12. Our church handles change beautifully.  We went from one great pastor whose wife was the talented women’s minister, to another amazing pastor and wife with new lay leaders of the women’s ministry.  Each leaders’ strengths are different, and the church loves and embraces the best of whomever is in charge.  I’ve seen churches fall apart because of change.  THIS is the way it should be.

I could go on, but I sense you getting bored.  YES, I saw you yawn! 🙂  Love to my church at Saint James UMC in Montgomery!!

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