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    You have thought through this so completely. We had the same struggle when our girls were little. We came to the same conclusions. This one statement seemed to satisfy their minds: "Santa is make believe but Jesus is real." Impressing upon them the reality of the living Lord can never be wrong and they will only reap good from it. Enjoying your blog! Jo Barrett

  2. We've struggled with this as well and know many wonderful people that love the Lord on both sides of this issue. Personally we both grew up knowing Santa and believing in him. We both grew up in wonderful christian households, my dad is even a pastor and I never thought as I grew older that santa was more important than Jesus and they always made sure we knew Jesus was the real thing, real reason and most important! When I finally asked my mom if he was real, she got the encylopedia out and told me about the real man who was no magical person but just loved to help others and bring them gifts. I still dont know what we will do, Isaac is 17 months so he doesn't understand yet but we will need to figure out before next year. This year we put Santa on his presents but who knows…seriously no clue haha ;0)

  3. I don't think that you should worry about Caroline/Amelia "spoiling" other kid's belief in Santa any more than those parents are worrying about their children affecting your children's understanding that he is pretend. After all, your children speak the truth. Tell the girls that their knowledge of Santa is a secret that we only talk about within the family!
    *If it makes you feel any better, my friend's 4 year old did the EXACT same thing last week. They subscribe to the "don't lie to your children" Santa camp.

  4. We just kind of left it up to our kids. We don't push the Santa thing. We don't avoid it either. We let it exist as this fun, fantastical thing that happens around this time of year and leave it at that. We don't threaten the whole "Santa won't bring you any presents if you misbehave" but we also don't tell them he's not real.

    Childhood is so short anyway. I know we're technically taking a stand by not taking a stand but it just seemed easiest to let them believe as they wanted and we would focus on the Jesus side of it. The rest of the world has the Santa part handled for us and what's the harm in believing in something beyond reasoning? Isn't that what we're asking them to do with believing in God anyway? (Now I've done it – comparing Santa and God! I'll be waiting for my death threats!)

  5. Oh rachel this has been on my mind/heart since eli was a baby! And now at 3 he really is starting to ask questions. We have kind of adopted the same philosphy as your family … I dont really want him to be the focus and in dont want to lie and say he is real. So are you guys going to d the presents xmas morning and say they are from you guys or from santa?

  6. I love hearing from all of you! Glad to get comments from those who are sympathetic to what we're going for. I know the pro-Santa crowd is the majority though (I even like the guy myself) and they are super silent on the topic. haha! As far as this blog post, they may be prescribing to the old "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" theory.

  7. I NEVER believed in Santa Claus. My parents didn't play the game (nor did they tell me otherwise). I went to school thinking ALL the other kids were total idiots for believing such foolishness.

    I play the game with my daughter, and she's eight, and I can't believe she still believes, and I dread the day she's told otherwise and I keep hoping that she's just playing, too.

  8. I can definitely understand your pros and cons but after reading it it made me sit back and think. I can completely picture the scene if "Santa" was around in Jesus' day the love that Jesus had for children and their innocence and earnestness to believe. I could just picture him putting gifts out for the children and giving to others. Imagine seeing their faces light up with the faith that they had as a child to believe in something that they cannot see with their own eyes. I think that that there is a lot that we can learn from the faith of a child and I think the Santa phenomenon is an example of that. It is when children get older and cynical that we lose that trusting spirit so much anyway.

    I definitely agree that Santa should not be the main focus of Christmas but I think it is also a very magical part of Christmas and what about the real story of Jesus and Christmas wasn't magical in itself? I know some families that have a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas as another way of remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

    I don't have any issue if someone else doesn't want to believe but I do hope that Hadley can experience that true magic feeling of Christmas and "Santa" will be a part of it for us as long as she believes.

  9. I have no doubt that the Kirks will do a perfect job of raising Hadley, and that the fun of Santa won't do a thing to rob the beauty of Jesus' birthday. 🙂 You two are the best parents… I already can imagine even without having had the pleasure of seeing it in person yet! I just love seeing my grown up Heather in action!

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