Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Concert + Prayers Needed!

We're going to the best concert ever with my dad tonight.  I could not be more pumped. I laughed my way through a five mile run just thinking about the miraculous ways God had pulled my dad through the medical year from Hades.  He came with me to this concert last year, and we were knocked off our feet by God's grace shining through it then.  How much more so one year later, one huge heart surgery later, two strokes later, a million miracles later!

Also, please pray today and tomorrow for the Ribbens family.  Looong ago, I talked on the phone several times to adoptive mama Sara and instantly loved her.  They got to Africa two days after we got home with Amelia.  THEY ARE STILL THERE. They have court on December 14, which falls partially today in U.S. time.  So please pray.  Their story is on the video below.


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