Thursday, December 8, 2011

Amelia's First Christmas

Just because it's fun... pictures of Amelia's first Christmas Day (2010), in Uganda.  While I was at home with an ache in my heart, Amelia was living the dream. 

(That's Mama Sarah spending Christmas next to "Mercy." Sweet!)

The babies' home bought a live chicken for Christmas and let it run around in the yard until they decided to cook him up.  A rare treat of meat at the orphanage!  Nevermind that Amelia was only eight months old and still was on a 99% milk bottle diet... she wasn't missing out on chicken.  Nope, she sucked that bone dry!  (While wearing her gift of a Christmas bell... thank you DeBardelebans!) 

This picture is priceless! I will laugh my head off as I put it in a "Baby's First Christmas" ornament for our tree!


Jacob said...

So sweet.
They put the bell on her so she didn't get lost didn't they?

Shannon Evans said...

Brings back lots of memories! Hope to meet sweet Amelia again someday!