Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Run Update

Another update on the half marathon training progress...

Changes in me since I started running:
  • more energy (finally! the first couple of weeks running = NO energy)
  • a sudden interest in WATER (I used to go days without drinking water; gross I know)
  • weight GAIN of 2 lbs.  Grrrr. 
  • legs looking slightly more toned
  • still frustrated trying to fit running into the schedule while keeping my God-given priorities straight
Run 11, Oct 22 – Best run since I was a student at AU.  4 miles, outdoors, mostly uphill, at a much improved pace of 11:15.  (I know, it's still slow!  Let's focus on the positive!)  I jammed the entire time to Mumford and Sons, which makes me feel like I am actually in tune with culture.  I am not actually in tune with culture, but my cooler-than-me sister introduced me to them while our dad was in the hospital.  Anytime I am into ANYTHING from the past half-decade, I feel pretty big-headed and with it.  So let's just say I was full of myself during this run.  Oh yeah.

Run 13, Oct 26 – Yikes! I'm not superstitious, but my 13th run was seriously the unlucky 13!  Runs 2 through 12, I've not walked one step.  Run 13 – well, let's just say that I told myself 500 times that "a bad run is better than no run" as I ran/walked 3 miles with muscle-aching legs.

Run 15, Oct 29 – Today.  4.5 miles.  Outside.  WHEN I do this LATER TODAY, it will be my farthest run in four years.  Love the milestones!

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Toni Patrick said...

Good for you! Keep it up. The woman who "taught" me how to run always said "Just keep turning them over" (feet) when I was tired and said I couldn't go on. Kind of a life metaphor as well.