Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Running Fool

If I’m really going to attempt this half marathon, I figured I might as well post updates for your pity every so often.

He also runs a 12 minute mile.
Run 1, Oct 5 – My first run in a year or more. I ran all over my little neighborhood.  I figured I must have met my 2 mile goal because I was gasping for air and had to take walking breaks. I later clocked my route in the car – 1.7 miles. Rats! It took me 23 minutes, which, my friends, averages a 13.5 minute mile. Pitiful. At this point, I would not pass my middle school P.E. class.

Run 2, Oct. 6 – Two miles on a treadmill feels like a peice of cake, especially with a TV to distract me!  I average 12.5 minutes per mile. Sadly unimpressive, but a huge improvement from the day before!

Run 7, Oct. 15 – 3.5 miles at a 12 minute pace, no walking.  Booya.  I'm starting to get cocky, until I remember that I've only run 11.5 miles all WEEK... a half marathon, for the record, is 13.1 miles... AT ONE TIME.  Yikes.  Hello, humble pie!
Run 11, Oct. 22 – 4 miles.  Today.  I haven't done it yet, but I will if it kills me.  Should I feel the burn with an outdoor run, or make it easy on the ol' muscles by opting for the treadmill?  I'm thinking wimpy treadmill... yesterday's cake is causing sluggishness. :)


Rebecca Rainer said...

Keep on keepin' on systa!! That's great!

Shannon Evans said...

GIRL! I am right there with ya on the 12-13 minute mile. But I've never made it past 3 miles- so I'm impressed with you!!

RACHEL said...

Well you LOOK like a runner, Shannon. And that counts for a lot. :) That's pretty much all I'm going for, haha!