1. You absolutely ARE a writer and teacher. Go ahead and throw that in the "I AM" column little miss priss (along with most amazing sister in the world). I love you.

  2. So I stopped by your blog because I had to see about this cake! Wow, I can see the calories oozing off the page! lol . But who knew I would find out you like the Indigo Girls! My best friend introduced me to them back in high school, funny that I only have a couple burnt cd's from her too! One of my more awkward moments in my life was at one of their concert, ask me about it at small group! Have a good week!

  3. Hmm… I am a writer. I am a singer, even when the only place I'm singing is in my room to myself. I am God's, of course. I am an artist of many media (primary words). I am silly. I am one who loves, tries to love, tries to persist to love.

    I am not an athlete. I am not graceful. I am not a clean or neat person. (Okay, I AM a slob. But I was trying to keep the I ams positive). I am not perfect. I am not a "Martha". I am a Mary. 🙂

    Thanks, that was fun.

  4. So these might be my favorite comments to a blog post ever…

    My sister and best friend left sweet remarks, my newest REAL LIFE friend also likes the Indigo Girls (go Liz!), and "Singing Pilgrim" actually played my game! I was hoping someone would participate. 🙂 Thanks y'all!

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