1. Call him and push him to come visit you. Whatever happened to disrupt the adoption has to be a huge disappointment for him, and you will be part of the healing process for him. He needs all the support he can get right now so that he understands he has value and is lovable. I will keep him in my prayers (I have a huge heart for teens). Keep us posted!


  2. We had that awful virus this summer – so sorry! I am also trying to "take up" running, b/c my boys have developed an interest – let me know if you ever want to try to walk in the neighborhood – notice I'm not offering to run in front of anyone yet (;

  3. Matilda – Thanks for the encouragement. We finally broke through to him & he's hanging out with us tomorrow!

    Christen & Betsy – If either of you EVER want a running buddy, I am in desperate need of one!!!

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