Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You're Invited: Adoption, Not Legalism

I’ve been gone from the blog world lately.

I haven’t read blogs and haven’t written them.
Oh how I miss blogging!

But life happens, and in my case, beautiful, wonderful things in life happen. I have so much to post, and I’ll get to it eventually… pictures of our beach trip, stories of our foster care/adoption certification classes, a schedule packed out busy – but only with things I LOVE and that fuel me! It is a truly blessed season of life.

Until I get back to posting, (which probably won’t be until Thursday,) I leave you with an invitation. I’m skipping my foster care certification class tonight – using up a precious absence when I’m not allowed many – in favor of something even better than PHYSICAL adoption and fostering… our SPIRITUAL adoption to God the Father.

If you want to hear a talk tonight about our spiritual adoption and how we need to leave the orphanage of legalism, come up to Saint James.

Fall Rhema
Community Wide Bible Study
Tuesdays: Sept. 20 - Oct. 25, 9:30 AM or 6:00 PM
Taught by Lana Hayden & Ann Pemberton
At St. James United Methodist Church
9045 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116

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