Humble Pie

I have to laugh. Every time I need a good dose of humility, I seem to get it. Laugh with me at the trend of my recent life:

I blog about the insanity of materialism. Within 24 hours, I’ve absent-mindedly made the biggest internet impulse purchase of my life. Brilliant.

I blog about how we shouldn’t waste time. And then I proceed to waste more time this week than I have in a while. Doh!

I blog about how I want to teach. And then I get the roster of those who have (so far) signed up to attend the video study I’m facilitating, and realize that every person in there is more equipped to teach than I am! It is a fantastic group. (Can you hear me eat the humble pie as it gets jammed down my throat!?)

I’m guessing this Bible study will be another reminder from God that it is not about me! The Holy Spirit and God’s Word will have to be our teacher, (along with much help from Anne Graham Lotz!), because I don’t have much to offer some of these women who I so admire. There is still time to join us!  Click here and scroll to the end of the post for details. (And don’t worry if you don’t measure up to these admirable women I’m talking about. You can sit by me and feel just fine! Ha!)

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