1. You DO teach… through this blog 🙂 God has used you to speak such truth to me through this blog. Just today I was lamenting with a friend about how much waiting sucks and thinking "will there ever come a day when I am NOT waiting for something?" and literally SECONDS later I clicked to your blog and read the last line. God does use you each and every day but I am sure this desire to be used even more is from Him. I'll be praying for that revelation 🙂 LOVE seeing how great Amelia is doing!

  2. You have always been a great teacher…I'm reminded of sitting in a circle on your apartment floor in college as you led an intelligent and well-planned Bible Study. = )

  3. meg – thank you so much for your sweet comment! i hope you get to see sweet amelia in person again someday!

    and toni – i absolutely love you. only a friend as sweet as you would allow me to consider that "teaching" when i was in the middle of the most hypocritical stage of my life! love is blind, and i am so thankful for that! love you

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