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    Hang in there! Just trust in knowing that Caroline is well taken care of and that you are where you are meant to be at this time…finally bringing Amelia home!! Denise

  2. I am praying for your trip and so thankful that your sweet baby girl is finally in your arms. I know that it hard to be away from your older daughter back home, but know that I am praying that His peace will comfort you as you wait for this time to pass.
    Thank you so much for sharing your adoption journey while you are in Uganda. It is amazing.

  3. ok! i got in the van to leave and shauna said, 'haven't you read her blog? i've been reading her blog and it's so fun to meet someone that i've been praying for!'

    i seriously read about 3 blogs these days, so i just immediately thought that i surely hadn't been reading yours. now, i totally regret that dismissal!!! i would have totally HUGGED YOU!! would that have freaked you out?! =)

    [you should have told me!] =)

    i'm so glad you're there and you're together with your sweet baby girl. SO GLAD. i've been praying and will continue.

    also? when i visited her orphanage, she came and sat with me and i took about 87 pictures with her. what a precious, little treasure! SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL! =)

  4. ok…and now i'm back. after reading the post.

    i feel you, friend. praying for your heart. i left my [nursing!] one year old for 3 weeks to go there to get her 'twin' brother and it does a number to your heart. yes, to your very core. keep enjoying that precious country and know that ALL of this is for His glory….the beautiful parts and the really, really hard ones.

    praying for you.

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