1. I'm so glad God is giving you a peace and removed any jealousy about her "mamas" in Uganda. God has done this with our girls' birthmom as well. It's only God who can take that away and give you peace about sharing a mom's role. So happy for you guys! She is gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous

    amazing. whenever i read this blog i just feel the holy spirit just pouring into me. all praise and glory be to the father and the son and the holy spirit

  3. Lindsey, I always wondered how you were strong enough and confident enough to let your girls' birth mother into your lives. It is an amazing love that you show. You're right, it could only come from God.

  4. Rachel, the "sharing" with Sarah is what I had to do with Phiona. I blogged about bonding today and put pictures of Phiona and our Kira there. They can't get too much love. Blessings to you as you build your bond. Tonya LaTorre

  5. Wow! I have tears of joy just streaming down my face right now. You write so beautifully. We've recently made the India adoption waiting list, and I'm always thinking about what it will be like when we finally meet our child. I can tell God's grace has been with you through all the challenges you have faced since arriving in Uganda. Your blog, your honesty is such a blessing.

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