1. That's a great pic in front of Lake Victoria! And girl, don't even get me started on people thinking your child belongs to someone else. That won't ever end for us. I actually have a blog post brewing about that very topic.

    And I'm so glad to hear you all are safe and well. The sitting around can get monotonous, but we tried to remember that there are few, if any, other times in life when all you have to do is sit and play with your kid(s). Enjoy!

  2. What fun pictures!! Having followed along with your blog for so long now and prayed along side this journey though having never met you, it brings a smile to my soul to see you holding your precious baby!! God is so GOOD!!!! <3

  3. oh fun! glad you're having a little reprieve and enjoying each other.
    you are so, so close to my boys there in Jinga. whisper to them for me that we love them so much and are coming back as soon as we can.

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