Ice Storms

Last night, our city declared an “state of emergency” because an ice storm was expected to come during the night, causing road closings and power outages. I haven’t turned on the news yet today, so I have no idea if much happened while we slept… but I did look out my window, and it looks … [Read more…]

So Now I Like 2011!

It has been months since I’ve been this happy.  It’s funny how accustomed I’d become to a heavy black cloud hanging over me.  It’s not easy to watch your baby girl grow up in pictures continents away without any idea of when you can finally get to her. It affects everything. Everything. Even when you … [Read more…]

Ugly Heart

I was hoping that my next blog post would be a big apology. A big, “I feel better now, sorry for my ugly heart showing too much last time” kind of post. I figured that by my next post, God would have strengthened me so much that I’d be ready to point to Him and … [Read more…]