Mother is Absent

Last night, I curled up in the dark with Caroline as she fell asleep to a CD of African Lullabyes.  I cannot believe I am about to leave her for 5 weeks. I cannot believe that she will turn 3 while we are gone.

So I held her tiny frame in the dark, breathing in her strawberry shampoo, listening to her sleepy sighs, trying to cement the moment in my memory. I will need it to carry me through Uganda.
As we lay quietly, one of the African lullabyes whispered:

Be still, be still, be still my child. Do not cry. Mother is absent; Mother shall come back

I could not decide whether these lyrics were more fitting for my emotions towards Caroline or towards Amelia. I am leaving one child to get the other.  But it will be okay. This mother’s heart has been torn across two continents for a long time now. A few more weeks will be okay.  Within a couple of months, our family will be whole!!!

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Blessed with Cherries on Top
Flight Plans!!!


  1. Anonymous

    tears are streaming down my face. your family is such a mirror of Christ's love its unbelievable.

  2. the hardest part of the journey to Uganda was leaving our other children behind…it was hard, but it was so worth it and is necessary to get to your precious child…we will be praying for you and your family in the weeks ahead!

  3. That's the hard part that I am anticipating when it's our time to travel, but I know the Lord will sustain our kids in our absence. Will be praying that for your little one and for peace for your heart as well!

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