1. I have been following your blog for several months! I am so excited to hear that you will finally get to hold your sweet one! I am still on the waitlist with our agency. I totally understand the crazy lady syndrom LOL! Congrats to you!! I cant wait to hear what she is like!

  2. (I don't know if you remember me….I'm Abbie Greer. I worked with Brad at SJ several years ago. When I visited about a year ago and learn about your adoption I started following your blog.)

    Wow! I am so excited for you. I've been so caught up with what is going on with us I haven't checked your blog in a few weeks. I know you are just elated about finally getting to go! This is crazy, but we will hold our new son, Bennett, for the first time the very day you meet Amelia! How crazy is that? We leave for Texas on Saturday morning and will hold him sometime late Saturday night. As I experience the joys of that special day, please know I will have you and Brad on my heart. Its so heart-warming to know we will experience the wonderful emotions of being blessed with a new child on the same day. I will be sure to follow your blog more carefully in the upcoming weeks. I can't wait to see her beautiful face and hear all about your trip. Good luck! I will send many prayers up for you guys in the coming days!

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