Monday, January 31, 2011

Blessed with Cherries on Top

God has already blessed us with Uganda travel dates, but yesterday, He put three cherries on top!

  1. Brad's mom flew in from North Carolina to stay with Caroline.  What a sigh of relief to know that Caroline will enjoy family and time on her own turf during our absence.  She and her "LuLu" immediately went to solving puzzles and giggling.
  2. Our church gave us a prayer send off yesterday.  Many didn't even know we're adopting, so it was a sweet and meaningful surprise.
  3. Caroline, Brad, me, and our pastor Lester
    at the prayer send off Sunday morning.
  4. Caroline is currently at total peace about our departure. She knows it's coming, and she is happy it will bring her sister home.  WE may not be at peace with leaving her, but for as long as her peace lasts, we are thankful for it.
3 1/2 more days until take off!


Rebecca Rainer said...
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Rebecca Rainer said...

Cannot wait for that beautiful curly-headed girl to meet her beautiful curly-headed sister! Its FINALLY happening!

Alli and Korey said...

This picture makes me tear up! God is so good! My prayers are with you and cant WAIT to see pics of Amelia!

Audrey said...

Yay!! So amazing.

sara said...

Ah!! I just want to scream for you!!! I am SO excited for you!! oh my goodness! I can't hardly stand it!

ShellyO said...

AWESOME!!! And I didn't know you're from NC -- whereabouts? I'm from G'boro and graduated from Chapel Hill.