1. YAYAY!!!! My eyes are full of tears!! wow. I can't even see the screen:) oh friend! It is time. looks like we may be meeting up in one beautiful country with some seriously, sweet children! Rejoicing with your family on this amazing day!

  2. Makes my heart rejoice! I am so excited that you will meet your baby girl so very soon. Regarding #3 on your list, I just remembered that we learned that taking our doxy at night kept us (okay, just me) from feeling sick afterward. Just a tip…you might have already known that, though. Happy packing, friend!

  3. This just made my day! I'm actually crying!! How exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of your precious girl right where she belongs, in the arms of her mommy!!

  4. Praise God!!!!! Praise God!!!! It is so time for you to go to Uganda!!!! Can't wait to here that court date next!!!! Did you decide on bags yet????

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